When was it?

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When was it?

Postby BertieB » July 10th, 2018, 2:34 pm

One match I remember was in the early 80's I think, the match was sponsored by my employer Collingbourne Fuels Ltd , owned by Mr Jack Collingbourne the Grandfather of former County director Mr Jonathon Collingbourne who was at the time in his early teens, the boss knew that we were both "County mad" and Mr Mike Lewis another County director accepted the offered sponsoring , which I think was one of the first sponsored league games ,both myself and Jonathon were allowed to sit in the Directors Box at Somerton Park. I believe Colin Addison was the manager, a hot-air balloon took off from the centre circle, and I think we beat Bradford City, --following that game I believe the pitch was worked on and paid for by sponsored money. It had a good surface at that time
Some time either before or after that game I had a spell of bad health and lying in my bed in the Royal Gwent Hospital feeling rough I thought I saw blond haired Howard Goddard coming toward my bed, he was,-- and it was Collin Addison and various County players coming to see ME !! I WAS feeling rough but Mr Addison said " Come on Robert, hurry up and get well, We need you over Somerton !"--=-I think Mike Lewis arranged the visit to see me , Colin Addison had a tone in his voice which diid wonders for me.--so I got well , as instructed !!--Thank You Colin !!………….Come on the 'Port !! Bob Bassett

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