And people on here think we have problems

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Re: And people on here think we have problems

Postby wattsville_boy » February 5th, 2020, 12:03 pm


With the pitch

Considering we have four teams playing on it ours is like a bowling green in comparison :roll:

On reading the article the problems at Prenton Park mirror the problems RP suffered when County first moved there (in that the substructure of the pitch had deteriorated over time possibly because no long term ground maintenance measures had been carried out). Hopefully when the dig it up and relay the drainage it would be done correctly the first time and not need doing again the following year.
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Re: And people on here think we have problems

Postby Kairdiff Exile » February 5th, 2020, 12:13 pm

Corpaboy wrote:
Taunton Iron Cider wrote:Yesterday on Radio 2 when discussing Brighton’s lights being left on 24/7 to keep the grass growing, a retired policeman phoned in and came up with an interesting idea adopted by Notts County.
In conjunction with the police they were provided with the growing lamps seized in raids on illegal cannabis farms, these were then adapted and put onto mobile gantries as part of a project by the local technical college. A great idea and those lamps are still growing grass!

:cheers: :cheers: :lol: :lol:
Take a bow , Sir !!!!

That , by far , is the best post I’ve seen on here for years !!!!

I can see the headlines now .....
“County pitch saved by cannabis farm equipment !! All squad players (including Lenny Lawrence) are on an all-time high !!”

We all love top-quality grass, but knowing County we'd make a hash of it and have a pitch covered in weed(s)...
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faerun exile

Re: And people on here think we have problems

Postby faerun exile » February 11th, 2020, 5:35 pm

Now added Wales U19s and Women's football fixtures in March and April, making it at least 5 teams now using RP. Ridiculous. God knows who else plays on it too. WRU should feature on the next McDonalds saver menu advert, certainly sweating the asset and giving the impression they are desperate for cash. 22 games in 11 weeks. Quite why FAW choose our crap pitch for representative fixtures is baffling.

04/02/20 County v Leicester
06/02/20 Newport RFC v Swansea
08/02/20 County v Cambridge
11/02/20 County v Walsall
15/02/20 Dragons RFC v Benetton
16/02/20 Newport RFC v Llandovery
19/02/20 County v Salford
22/02/20 County v Bradford
29/02/20 Dragons RFC v Cheetahs
07/03/20 County v Morecambe
13/03/20 Newport RFC v Llanelli
21/03/20 County v Colchester
28/03/20 Wales U19s v Serbia
29/03/20 Newport RFC v Carmarthen Quins
04/04/20 County v Grimsby
10/04/20 Wales Women v Faroe Islands
11/04/20 Dragons RFC v Ulster
13/04/20 County v FGR
14/04/20 Wales Women v Norway
18/04/20 Newport RFC v RGC
24/04/20 Dragons RFC v Leinster
25/04/20 County v Northampton
29/05/20 Dragons RFC v Blues

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