Coronavirus - Elderly should avoid LARGE Crowds

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Exile 1976



Re: Coronavirus - Elderly should avoid LARGE Crowds

Postby Exile 1976 » June 27th, 2020, 3:14 pm

pembsexile wrote:
UPTHEPORT wrote:Disgusting scenes in Liverpool last night and the South Coast during the day what is wrong with these people ! Bet they all pledged their undying love for the NHS few weeks back Hypocrites!!

Watch the spikes in these areas now

The Welsh government has got this right

Anything to have a pop at Liverpool eh? You call them hypocrites. You cannot make it up.

Where is your condemnation of the scenes of the recent rave in Brixton? Where is your condemnation of the semi riots in Bristol a week or so ago when people mass gathered? Where is your condemnation of all the mass protests across the country lately? No, just give it out to a club that you dislike.

Those fans should not have been there. There is no real excuse for them congregating. Never mind, you can vent your anger if you dress it up with condemnation of scenes on the South Coast. Yet you call them hypocrites. Hmmm.

I did wonder how long it would take the scouse haters to comment. Given your comments about the cancellation of the Premier league some time ago, you were first in the queue. Sanctimonious twaddle.

I sincerely hope there are no more mass gatherings in Scouseland. The official celebrations can wait.

At least the club except its wrong :roll:

You posted that after the night they won it. The police and mayor weren’t bothered by that. This was the second night which was the problem
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Re: Coronavirus - Elderly should avoid LARGE Crowds

Postby Justanordinaryfan » June 27th, 2020, 5:04 pm

& the photos of the rubbish left behind were embarrassingly photo shopped.
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Percy plunkett

Re: Coronavirus - Elderly should avoid LARGE Crowds

Postby Percy plunkett » July 3rd, 2020, 9:53 pm

So we can now cram on a plane in a confined space for hours with no fresh air,less than a metre away from a stranger but,we can’t stand in fresh air on the Hazel terrace.

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