EFL proposes cap on wages

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Re: EFL proposes cap on wages

Postby County ranger » May 21st, 2020, 12:53 pm

Stan A. Einstein wrote:
excessbee wrote:
Madhatter wrote:The use of the phrase Home Grown, Intrigues me..

Does it refer to players as Newport home grown or as home grown meaning born in the UK.

Just wondering.

Well, the article states 'players produced by the club's own academy'. The suggestion of eight seems way too high. A club may need to produce three or four league quality players every season to top up their squad, and what happens when a club falls short? Squads of eighteen? The sub goalie would inevitably be the Academy first choice, who would therefore not progress his career. I think there is maybe some mileage in reducing the number of named substitutes.

If all clubs have to produce eight of each team they put out a natural consequence is a much quieter transfer market. There's no point in signing/hoovering up 'talent' if you can't play them. F@cks over agents too. Win/win. I agree it won't happen but I think if it did it would be good.

If it were to be 8 academy players I suspect the quality would fall away and it would become the first step to a semi pro lower league. It would be interesting to know how many academy players at any club have played more than say 10 L2 games as a starting line up player this season my guess very few.
The home grown will I would thought refer to UK nationals/ UK academy's which would sustain the fall out of Premiership academy players trying to make a living.
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Exile 1976



Re: EFL proposes cap on wages

Postby Exile 1976 » May 21st, 2020, 12:55 pm

It’s always nice to have local players in the side but only If they’re there on merit and not because you have to have a certain amount. I want to see quality players at Newport and couldn’t care less where they came from.
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Re: EFL proposes cap on wages

Postby NearlyDead » May 21st, 2020, 1:22 pm

All well and good having and using academy lads, but... "only 0.5% signed by a professional club aged Under 9 will go all the way through to play in the club’s first-team" (2018 figure). So 1 in 200 academy players might make the grade. It'll probably be more than that (but not much more) when academies down the food chain hoover up cast-offs from up the food chain (we've had one notable example).

Then the other spanner in the works is that academies higher up the food chain can legally "poach" your best lads before they get within sniffing distance of the bench.
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Re: EFL proposes cap on wages

Postby NearlyDead » May 21st, 2020, 1:50 pm

Not quite sure what they mean by

If approved, it would mean only 20 senior professionals at each club, with eight homegrown players - those produced from the club's academy system - within that group.

20 pros + 8 academy players = 28 players, or 12 pros + 8 academy players = 20 players? Presume it's got to be the former, initially at least.

So, at a rough estimate, that'll be close to 300 players surplus to requirements from L1 and L2 based on an average of a squad size of 26 (which I think will be quite close to actual) for 20 pros per club.

You can see multi-year contracts disappearing, especially in the short term, as L2 clubs try to mop up the cream of the L1 cull.

The £1.25m will seriously p***-off the bigger clubs in the division and the likes of FGR (sure I saw Dale quote a £2m figure). So one might expect it to creep up. £1.5m everybody?

If introduced then it has to be policed properly. It's bound to lead to brown envelopes and other imaginative schemes to get around the ceiling.

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