Grandstand: Exiles v Exeter

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Re: Grandstand: Exiles v Exeter

Postby Jack » February 19th, 2021, 12:53 pm

Keep it on topic, please.
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Percy plunkett

Re: Grandstand: Exiles v Exeter

Postby Percy plunkett » February 19th, 2021, 4:26 pm

Exile 1976 wrote:
Percy plunkett wrote:Flynny will always be remembered and thanked for the great escape,it was brave to take on a job that looked doomed,fair play to him for taking it on and saving us.He did have some luck on the way,three 1-0 home wins in April,Joe Day with a tremendous save in injury time against Crawley,Zoko poking a shot into the side netting last kick against Yeovil,last kick free kick just over the bar against Acrington.If one of those had gone in then we would have gone down.Hartlepool helped by losing at home to Barnet,who had nothing to play for and they managed to lose at Orient who were practically down.If they had drawn those games then we were down.It then still took,that goal,by OB to save us.Flynny was very naive at Plymouth,trying to attack when we were already three down,he should have shut up shop at three nil,that would have cost us but for OB.My problem is that Flynny seems just as naive now,four years on with tactics.Go one up and sit back,throw four forwards on to get a goal.It worked in May 17 but,it doesn't very often but,he still does it.

He didn't just save us from relegation though did he, just 2 years later he got us to the play off final as well as making a small fortune from cup runs.

Yes,he got us to Wembley but,we lost,his subs were all wrong which contributed to the lose.Curle got Northampton to Wembley and they won but,he has now still been sacked.He has made us money in cup runs but,has wasted a chunk of it on dud signings.

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