What do we think of this then?

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What do we think of this then?

Postby DeePeeNCAFC » January 20th, 2020, 11:27 pm

Muslim Maajid Nawaz powerfully calls for a national inquiry into grooming gangs
Maajid Nawaz is calling for a national inquiry, similar to the one into Stephen Lawrence's murder, into grooming gangs in the United Kingdom.
www.lbc.co.uk www.lbc.co.uk is the link (sorry I'm not IT savvy enough to post it here).

Maajid is an interesting character - ran for Lib Dem MP a few years ago after turning his life around after a jail sentence. Muslim through and through, he's now trying to get various religions to be more tolerant of each other.
27 cities???? Have we had a so-called grooming gang in Newport? I bet we have,even if it hasn't come to light yet. These gangs, although theoretically can be of any race, colour, religion etc, have notoriously been from one religion in high-profile press releases in recent years.....

Maajid Nawaz recalled Stephen Lawrence's murder and the Macpherson Inquiry that followed.

He noted that the Macpherson report "coined the phrase 'institutional racism', and shifted the debate in this country around race permanently and forever.

Speaking of the grooming gangs scandals 27 cities, he said: "This grooming gang scandal must be investigated on a national level in the same way because this is institutional mysogyny.

He continued: "The fear ... of anti-Muslim bigotry must never be an excuse to allow underage girls to be raped and abused in this way. But it was.

Think of that. Imagine that 27 cities and counting... because I can guarantee you we haven't heard the end of this yet. Imagine the thousands of victims. Imagine the impunity with which these men must have been acting.

Maajid Nawaz then said: "Don't tell me that their Muslim identity had nothing to do with this.

"I have lived and breathed this community all of my life. I can guarantee you that it's not the cause but a factor in the way in which these girls was treated was the culture of these men and as part of that culture is their religious attitude towards non-Muslim."

He asked: "Now who will lead, who will defend the voiceless in this national scandal? Who will lead the case for saying we need a national inquiry into how this would have been tolerated for so long?"

He later said: "Now, finally, the independent police watchdog has said it was covered up by the police. Well, that's not good enough.

"We need a statutory inquiry, just like that was done with Stephen Lawrence, a statutory inquiry to investigate what exactly went wrong and how this will avoid be avoided in the future."
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Stan A. Einstein

Re: What do we think of this then?

Postby Stan A. Einstein » January 21st, 2020, 4:45 pm

He is absolutely right.

Just a thought, which will piss a lot of people off but in my view is important. In many Asian cultures boys are regarded as more important than girls. The upshot of this is that in working class communities there are selective abortions of females at a much higher rate than that of males.

Hey ho twenty years down the line there are a huge number of sexually frustrated men. Most men in this situation accept this but a small but not insignificant minority groom vulnerable white girls for sex.

I do not condone the behaviour of those who abuse but neither can we run away from truths which we find uncomfortable.

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