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The Republic of Malpas

Re: Family tree

Postby UPTHEPORT » August 4th, 2020, 9:51 am

JonD wrote:So Findmypast versus I'm tempted to have a go at one, mainly in pursuit of my grandfather (born circa 1880, died 1932) who served in World War One. I'm interested in his army service as well as anything else I can trace.

Is one of the two sites a better bet given my quest?

Didn't use the military search so sorry Jon not sure

Anyway ended my subscription before I was billed

I bet they hate people like me
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George Street-Bridge

Re: Family tree

Postby George Street-Bridge » August 4th, 2020, 10:17 am

IMHO Findmypast is easier to use, but the big advantage with Ancestry is members can make their family trees publicly viewable and attach photos, certificates etc. The snag is an error in one tree can easily get incorporated into another.

Someone has my G-GF down as fathering a son from whom she is descended several years before he married. There's circumstantial evidence that he may have - but she has this son down as also the son of my G-GM which for a variety of reasons he can't have been. So she has a complicated tree this part of which might be bollocks because of a false assumption.

[Edit: Should have added that Findmypast gives access to a national online newspaper archive. And they have the contract for the 1921 census when it comes out. I'm guessing Ancestry will also have it it due course, but conceivably not.]

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