Illegal Raves

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Illegal Raves

Postby mad norm » January 1st, 2021, 9:41 pm

What's in the mind of the scum that organised that rave in an Essex church?
What's in the mind of the attendees?
It makes me so angry reading all these reports of "gatherings"
We must have a feral section of society with no morals,no purpose and no hope..
Constructive thoughts anyone?
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Re: Illegal Raves

Postby DeePeeNCAFC » January 1st, 2021, 11:15 pm

I think you summed things up with 2 words in your opening line - scum and Essex.

Selfish, brainless people.

While generally feeling sorry for the younger generation who are missing out on going out and partying (as I did) and uni students forgoing the usual uni social life, it shouldn't take much to realise we're actually in a wartime situation and their time to party will come soon. If they can afford to, I suppose, seeing as their generation will likely be paying for the economic mess we've created by not properly preparing for, and acting to protect the UK.

But as a leading London GP said this week, people like this "have blood on their hands".

This bunch have broken the law and lockdown restrictions, damaged a church which will later act as a place of comfort for those who've lost relatives, put others' lives at risk, and used up precious police resources just so they could party for a couple of hours.

I generally don't wish ill on anyone in life but it would be appropriate justice if one of the organisers or attendees fell ill with covid. In the meantime, a £10K fine enforced with prison if the organisers fail to pay should be pursued.

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