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Re: How Long?

Postby pembsexile » February 27th, 2021, 5:25 pm

Stan A. Einstein wrote:
pembsexile wrote:
Stan A. Einstein wrote:Let me join this discussion with a question which boggles my mind.

Imagine a line of plates which is infinitely long The pattern which follows is also infinite. There are nine red plates followed by one blue plate. Which of course that red plates outnumber blue plates nine to one. However, as the line is infinite, therefore there is are infinite number of blue plates, and as you can't have a number greater than infinity then of course there can't be more red plates than blue.

I know, you don't need to tell me. I blame lockdown. :cry:

The problem is with the word infinity. There is no such thing. It is just a mathematical concept to illustrate a number, distance etc that is so big that we cannot comprehend what it is. Your example is hypothetical, not real.

Look at the Universe. It is supposed to be infinite. It is not. It is finite and currently expanding. If it was infinite, it wouldn’t be able to expand.

Hi Mike,

If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into. Have to say that the Steven Hawkins reply of that was a silly question rather like what is north of the north pole seemed a bit of a cop out.

How long before we start talking about the double slit experiment. I'm pretty certain you'll know about that but if you don't be prepared to have your brain well and truly frazzled.

Evening Brendan,

Got to be careful what I say or we will be getting a telling off, off Phil!

To answer your point, the Universe isn’t expanding ‘into’ anything. It is a finite body of matter, space and energy that is just getting bigger. It isn’t infinite. It is measurable.

Ah yes, the double slit experiment, diffraction etc and wave particle duality. Fascinating stuff. Sometimes matter behaves as it was a wave, sometimes as a particle.

Useless bit of information for you regarding the slit experiment. Imagine the posts of a goal as a slit. When the ball goes through the goal, the posts will have an effect upon the ball and cause it to move. Ever so slightly, but it will move nonetheless. The observation is more profound at speeds approaching the speed of light and when matter has almost no mass. You are not going to see it over RP :grin: Not with our current forwards anyway :grin:

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