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Surprise surprise

Postby neilcork68 » February 15th, 2020, 10:49 pm

My post about George apologising to me has been removed..

He posted that I was wrong in my post when I said that we had played previously and had ZERO shots on target.....I proved him wrong by posting the date and opposition we played previously that we had ZERO shots on target as as an adult would have expected him to be man enough to apologise.
The usual suspects who seem unable to engage their brains get involved with the usual consequences of abuse and name calling because they obviously lack intelligence to debate the subject then the thread gets taken down ., why ??????

I wasn't holding my breath waiting for the said apology off him and expected the usual suspects to get involved because they type before putting brains in gear but for it to be removed by a moderator is pretty poor IMO.

So its open season on here now is it ? Say what you want , get proved wrong but you dont need to apologise for being wrong now is it ? :shock:

Whats this the BOD and MF method of burying your head in the sand hoping it goes away so you dont need to deal with it approach is it ?

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