Re: Problems again

pembsexile wrote:
phil_in_npton wrote:Anyway, I seem to have conquered the problem!
How Phil? Please enlighten me.

All you have to do is this, once you have finished writing your post (I use, copy and paste), copy it, then when you lose connection is to paste your message Back on there once you have logged in, again. Quite simple, As Mad Norman keeps saying, keep up Gentlemen.

If you are still having difficulties, ask the children or grandchildren.

Edit: And if you have WordPad or NotePad Paste there first.

Re: Problems again

phil_in_npton wrote:Good Morning

Thanks for that solution. I am fully aware of doing that but it can be a bit of a faff, with fat fingers on a phone.
I decided my own failings make the exercise too exasperating to bother with

Phil in Northampton
Agree Phil. Patience isn’t a virtue I have.

Admin have advised that yesterday they put another fix on but it may take some time to work. Also paying for a Consultant as he thinks the problem is with MySQL. Sod cut and paste, I’ll wait for that fix. Fingers crossed.

Re: Problems again

NearlyDead wrote:The google/bing link to We Are Exiles is going to a US online pharmacy site this morning.
It's being that for days. I have had it in both Bing and Opera and on two devices. I have cleared the cache/history in Opera. Got rid of everything on the theory that some malware has been placed in the browser. No problem with Opera at the moment.

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