Re: Wayne Hatswell Post Match Interview

Mr Figo wrote:Always wondered why we do the interviews right next to the pitch with the mowers out. Is there no where else to do the interviews?
Unfortunately no, pre-covid we used to use a room next to the tunnel but the area around there is now designated a Red Zone area to limit the contact between players/staff and everyone else. Also, covid regulations say that all interviews must be conducted in the open-air with social distancing between manager/player and reporters so the only solution is the pitchside area at the end of the terracing in the Compeed. This is no slight at all on the RP groundstaff who have their jobs to do immediately after the match has finished, especially when they have to change over from football to rugby. So, as the saying goes from our ex-manager "it is what it is" until things change and we just have to put up with it.


Re: Wayne Hatswell Post Match Interview

Lost in Willesden wrote:Excellent, quite a lot of insight. Nice interview.

Hatswell is catching the mood, catching the team. It's a results game. Seems to have the team with him.
Have to respect his decision some time ago that he doesn’t want the job. However, we are in a results and performance based business. Early days, but the players certainly seem to be with him. I hope he carries on.

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