And Now I'm back and I come in peace!

And now I'm back!

Our Family Trust, is entering into a Non Disclosure Agreement with a Member of the Board, that individual has my permission to disclose/discuss the information I am providing to other members of the board, as long as they agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the NDA.
Below is my profile and a list of our top 5 websites. These 5 sites are run by My husband, me and two staff working a four day week. The only outsourced work are Business Activity Statements and Annual Statutory Accounts.

I have set up a group on Linkedin that has 67 members, spread across the globe., the purpose of which is to tap into their expertise and form an Advisory Board to the Trust. I have been unable to turn anytime to working with the group, due to Covid.

Now tell me that a business cant be run by volunteers and Stan Einstein couldn't draft an NDA. I downloaded one off the Internet, completed it in 5 minutes max, under Queensland's jurisdiction. I have a proven track record of helping the County, Newport AFC, Stonewall Football club and played my last Game of football two years ago. at the age of 62, playing over 35's.

I will keep you posted of progress subject to the conditions of the NDA.

I also must take time to apologise to Stan Einstein: For saying he followed John Mahoney's failed Newport County. That was in fact another person who also played football with us at Kimberley park, whose name escapes me.
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