Gentlemen, Ladies,

For those of you of a robust constitution and left leaning political views can I suggest spending the odd twenty minutes watching GBNews? Right wing people of limited intelligence sucking each other up. Apparently President Zellenskyy is punching the air with delight at Boris Johnson's 'victory' last night. Some moron right now arguing that he would rather have a hypocrite in charge than somebody who actually believes in lockdown saving lives.

Comedy gold.

Re: GBNews.

I love news and politics. Never seen this channel though. I thought they were supposed to have big name players? Just watched a few minutes and the two presenters on now I have no idea who they are.

With regards to Bojo and Zelensky, what really annoys me is that the Tory grandees keep pumping out the rubbish that Bojo is the only person who can help Ukraine. We need to move on apparently. How bloody arrogant. Tell that to the relatives of the Covid dead who couldn’t see their loved ones in isolation.

Re: GBNews.

I've watched it a couple of times. I didn't find it quite as bad as I expected. But the news that the Queen's jubilee book for schools was not automatically being distributed to school kids in Wales but left up to individual schools to order, led to antiWelsh comments as if it was Eng News not GBNews. So that was the end of my love affair.

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