Male victims of Domestic abuse

The Office for National Statistics figures show every year that one in the three victims of domestic abuse are male equating to 757,000 men (1.561m women) so about 1/3rd - I'd argue with underreporting (embarrassment/shame/taboo) its probably more 50/50. No denying a man with their [on average] greater strength can do more damage quicker to a woman but having a penis doesn’t make men immune to pain inflicted by a woman and emotional/financial/other abuse can be inflicted just as badly by a 4ft 10” woman on a male 6ft Sunday league goalkeeper as vice versa. Interestingly female on female abuse is quite prevalent in lesbian relationships which debunks the myth that domestic abuse is a ‘man on woman’ thing.

So, a fair % of the men on here would have been/may be/will be victims at the hands of woman (or in a rarer cases in same sex relationship) of men.

For my part I’m not a victim of domestic abuse but like most men have certainly put up with behaviours from female partners that would be totally unacceptable if the genders were reversed.

Stats and help can be found below and on many sites on the internet – obviously if in immediate danger call 999 – the police still often have outmoded ideas on domestic abuse (i.e., that it’s a ‘man on woman’ thing and often believe counter [false] accusations made by the abusive woman) and some organisations shamefully pre-screen men [but not women] by trying to establish whether they are lying – shocking I know – so won't sugar coat that if you are a male victim you will always get the help you need but you definitely won’t be helped if you don’t speak up and I hope things are slowly changing. ... tic-abuse/

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