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DeePeeNCAFC wrote: May 25th, 2022, 11:15 am I’ve never seen any of the new 10p coins and was beginning to think they don’t exist. I guess I can apply and pay over face value to get a set from the Royal Mint?
Yes you can. The Royal Mint sell first mint (but not brilliant uncirculated) 10p coins as an alphabet set. Unfortunately they used to cost £55 for the full set. If you go to the Royal Mint you can also exchange ‘normal’ 10p coins for any of the alphabet 10p coins that they have available. Obviously the more scarce the coins are, the less likely they are to be available to swap. I have been trying to get a second set of these but until recently the Royal Mint was closed to visitors due to Covid. I still have about 6 to get for my second set and the Z coin is one of them. I’ll see if I can post up a photo of the full set in a RM folder later.

Re: Calling all Numismatists

DeePeeNCAFC wrote: July 13th, 2022, 5:35 pm Hello Pembs, hope you’re well?

Got a 2015 ‘The First World War 1914-1918’ Royal Navy £2 coin in my change today. Google tells me wildly different things about its scarcity and value. It’s in ‘above average condition’.

Be grateful for your views please?

Hi DeePee, all ok thanks.

Some facts on the coin. It is 8th out of 37 on the coin scarcity index via change checker. It had a mintage of 650,000 so is relatively rare.

Opinions - it is an interesting coin and there have been a few articles about it. One story doing the internet rounds a few years ago said that there was a rare type. This is not true. On some coins, above the top of the mast, there seems to be an extension of a flag. This has been put down to some shrapnel that got into a die at the Royal Mint and made it look different. It will add nothing to its value. Because of its relative scarcity it is one of the coins that has been copied. There are coins of this type doing the rounds without the correct wording around the edges of the coin. These are fakes. As I have mentioned previously, a quick check to find out is to hold the coin vertically with the mast upwards. Spin the coin through 180 degrees and the Queens head should also be vertical. If it isn’t, it’s a dud.

That said, there is no regular reason why your coin shouldn’t be genuine. It will have a value of about £3.50 to £4 so personally, I would keep it. If you get the full set of 37 coins then that will be worth something. If you are going to keep it, put it in a coin capsule to avoid it getting scratched. Good luck.

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