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Perhaps some people have been put off this forum when some of the posters quite often strayed off topic and had petty arguments which ended being somewhat internecine.
Our poor form at the end of last season might and a general uncertainty of JR could also put a few off as well, but just because we had some poor home results etc it shouldn't dissuade posters from commenting.
Anyway, I have not doubt that whatever the result today there will be plenty of comments, hopefully positive after an away win.

Re: Reading this board.

George Street-Bridge wrote: July 30th, 2022, 8:55 am I would never draw too many conclusions about what's happening at NCAFC in the real world from what's happening on the forum. Regular posters number what, about 1 per cent of the core home support?

I approve of the low-key preseason where we recruited early and didn't get suckered into trialling loads of players, but that does mean there has been less "linked with" speculation for us blowhards to discuss. Plus a more modern approach to friendlies where they are no longer a major spectator thing.

I wonder if - the country having been reduced to a state where it's seriously suggested people will need to huddle in "warmbanks" rather than freeze at home - the bubble of subscribing to satellite TV sports channels will burst like Netflix seems to be doing and the whole thing calms down a bit.
Quite so. Football is an escape from the real world, or at least should be. My question though was motivated simply because after 56 seasons of eagerly awaiting a new season, this time around for number 57 I'm finding it difficult to raise any enthusiasm. And it seems other posters feel likewise.

No doubt a good start to the season will cure this feeling of lethargy, let's hope so.

Re: Reading this board.

I don't think there's much to be read into reduced traffic during the close season. Traditionally posters have arguments during the close season because there's little else to do. And I think because it's Rowberry's first pre-season there's not much comment to be had at this stage whereas we've had several years of being able to criticise Flynn's transfer business.

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