Alas Smith and Jones

When I started watching the County the players' names were plain and simple English / Welsh names, e.g. Granville Smith and Roddy Jones. Hence the topic title. There were also Hunt, Hill, Bird, Bonson, Weare, Sheffield etc etc. Now the names are so much more exotic. In the current squad we have Farquharson, Demetriou, Woodiwiss, Twamley, Zimba, Bogle and Zanzala.

Does it make it harder for the average Welsh / English supporter to relate to the County players? I suppose if the players are good enough and stay at Rodney Parade long enough (e.g. Mickey) then it doesn't make any difference, apart from for the poor commentator.

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UPTHEPORT wrote: August 1st, 2022, 1:03 pm Is Granville Smith the oldest County player still alive met him a few times lovely man

He was telling me few years back now when he was training he'd throw himself on the ground and get straight back up he was that used to being fouled

Be different today they just roll round
Granville is 85. Is George Walters still alive? If so he'll be 87.

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Haven't seen Granville in Morrisons at Lysaghts for a little while, I trust he's ok. As someone mentioned, a lovely guy who's happy to chat about the great times we had at Somerton Park back in the day. He was still looking very trim and youthful when I saw him last a couple of years ago. Thanks for the memories, Granville!

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