Just bought print at home tickets for Walsall & have received order confirmation but nothing to say where my ticket to print actually is. The Ticketing FAQ section is 'coming soon'. Used to get a mail containing link to download ticket but nothing on the new system. Any ideas?

Re: E-Tickets

Kairdiff Exile wrote: July 30th, 2022, 4:29 pm They're designed to be used on a mobile 'phone, but there's nothing to stop you printing them off if you want to. That's based on previous experience for gigs and sporting events elsewhere - I can't imagine our system would be massively different.
Thanks. I don't intend to buy mine until I'm on my second of 2 trains and know I will arrive in time

Re: E-Tickets

I've printed my ticket because I have an old phone with very limited spare memory. The trouble is that if you do this you have to print a lot of colour including pictures of 6 players, costing a lot of ink when they just need the bar code.

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