Re: Mike Flynn

owlsabout wrote: August 3rd, 2022, 5:37 am Great escape cup runs ,tv games Wembley days out and millions into the coffers ? Hopefully the fans will remember and give him a good reception, but then we do the business and take the points .
Agree entirely.

At five minutes to three on Saturday afternoon Flynn should be given a courteous round of applause. At three o'clock precisely he becomes the enemy. He will be plotting our defeat. I hope he and his team suffer a humiliating defeat from which they will never quite recover. I hope he gets on the coach at five thirty and thinks thank f@ck I won't be coming here again anytime soon.

Re: Mike Flynn

Given his relative, albeit short term, success at Walsall turns out he was a good manager after all! (I'm being facetious of course and digging out those who claim he was not) - Flynn love him or loathe him is a County legend and oversaw one of the most successful periods in our recent history - yes we ultimately fell at the final hurdles but if he retired tomorrow he would and must go down as very competent lower league manager which any club in National League/League 2 and most in League 1 would take in a heartbeat – anyone who criticizes him or slags him off is a fool

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