Re: Underpass malpas

Nice painting and it’s good to see the story in the Argus instead of the Bristol edition of UK News.

The next image will be a sporting one apparently. Nice. Rugby or football I wonder. Hope it’s footy. The winning goals at Wembley. MO’B great escape goal, who knows.

Wish he’d painted the flag the right way round though. If the ships going forward the flag would be pointing backward.

Re: Underpass malpas

The ships sails are billowing to drive it forward. The flag will show the direction of wind, blowing the ship all the way the Newport from Sweden, bringing barmaids for the Murrenger.

With regards the last two pillars, the old Argus picture of Tynan with the bottle of champagne after winging promotion, and the Welsh Cup.

Not sure what a rugby pillar would show, the kick against New Zealand?

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