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I’d mentioned previously that a 50p coin was issued with two dates on it as the Olympics were postponed for a year. Now, a 50p coin has been released that has three dates on it. A first I think.

In 2022 a 50p design was submitted celebrating 100th anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamen tomb in 1922. This was sent to the Palace and authorised by the Queen last year. It would have had the 2022 issue date on it. However, when she died all authorisation of further UK coinage was temporarily halted until the new King gave approval. He approved it this month, hence the three dates on the coin 1922, 2022 and 2023.

May be worth a look and purchase as collectors are normally interested in quirks like this.

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The Chancellor has just announced that the Digital Pound will soon be on its way. Not before 2025 and that is after a considerable consultation period apparently. As stated previously, it seems that cash and coins in particular may soon be a thing of the past. What it does mean for collectors is that the resale ‘numismatic’ value of coins should increase as they become scarce.

This could be a fundamental change in the way we use money. We already use digital services of course but it seems that in contrast to Bitcoin and others, the digital pound will be guaranteed by the Bank of England. Their specialists have already warned that if we do not progress, our economy may suffer by being left behind. China, the Eurozone and the US are all considering this option.

Poor old cash. It has been the staple of our society for over a thousand years and it could soon be gone. There’s progress for you. Sad.

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Just taken delivery of 2 of my favourite coins from the Royal Mint. Two silver £2 Britannia, one with the Queen on the face and the other with the King on the face. They are both dated 2023. What makes this unusual (I may be wrong) is that whilst it is not rare to have coins with two Monarchs heads on them for a particular year, (after one has died) what is unique is that this may be the first time that a coin is released for a previous monarch that had died in another year. Very unusual.

They are available from the Royal Mint if anyone is interested. They are a fabulous looking coin and I get them every year. A good investment I think. You can’t buy them from the Royal Mint Experience shop but have to log on and have an account. Well worth it I say.

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A general word of warning to anyone who uses their Main bank card to purchase coins over the internet from the Royal Mint. Be aware that there is an issue with fraudsters actively targeting the RM. This was confirmed to me when I contacted them about the issue. Today I tried again but my purchase was declined. I then had a txt off the bank saying there was possible fraudulent activity on my account. I rang the bank. They told me they had put a block on any internet purchase using my card. I had to explain and answer many questions to get it reactivated. The bank confirmed that there had been a lot of complaints from users about fraudulent activity by scammers. Be careful.

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Exile 1976 wrote: February 24th, 2023, 1:43 pm So a Jack the Ripper 50p out then. Wonder if we’ll have to wait as long for a Yorkshire Ripper or Fred West commemorative coin
I’ve criticised the Royal Mint for the ridiculous coins they have issued previously - King Arthur, Harry Potter etc. All to make money (pun intended) for the Royal Mint commercial department.

However, can’t blame them for this one. The Jack the Ripper coin is produced by the Commemorative coin Co ltd and has nothing to do with the RM. Don’t try to spend it, if you have one, it’s not legal. I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole, it cost £16.99 and in reality is worth zilch to collectors.

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