Re: Harrogate Town game postponed

Amberexile wrote: March 18th, 2023, 10:16 am The problem is that they can't call the game off until the International squads have been announced. I don't think any of the call ups were a big surprise so I would hope that we have been in touch with Harrogate to discuss the possibility in advance but as usual, the supporters will come at the end of the process.
Quite so.

The people who run the Premiere League, and as a consequence control the EFL have a long and distinguished record of not giving a f@ck about the fans.

No criticism of Newport County they are in an invidious position, however if you are a Harrogate fan, living in London with a return train ticket to Newport for next Saturday good luck and bugger off is how you're being treated.

It's great having banter between supporters but on issues like this we should make our collective voice heard.

Re: Harrogate Town game postponed

excessbee wrote: March 18th, 2023, 1:32 pm I shall take note of international breaks when considering 'stay over' away fixtures next season. Am I correct in thinking that this one is later than previous breaks? Had this been the away fixture with Harrogate, I would almost certainly have booked travel and accommodation some time ago.
It has been about the same time for a few seasons now. you can find the calendar through to the end of next year here - ... 0-2024.pdf

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