Re: Man bought private jet with borrowed council money

Torquay Exile wrote: August 6th, 2023, 4:13 pm
Having worked for a brief time in the public sector it never ceased to amaze me how bamboozled and taken in some senior people were by 'consultants' - in our department we had a huge 'away day' event (which was actually in a local leisure centre - although we did get a nice lunch!) which I suspect cost many £1000's which literally told us 1) things we already knew and were either doing or couldn't do because of lack of money 2) things I/others had long been suggesting but had been dismissed. This is on an altogether different scale of course.

There were/are extremely capable people in the public sector but there also remains some very naive people.

...Also and I don't like judging people on appearances but the guy looks like a right wide boy.

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