1912 Exiles podcast, Ep142: Decision time


With the big Trust vote next week on a change to County's ownership, we've tried to unpick some of the key issues as fans grapple with the choices.

Ed is joined by two guests with plenty to contribute. Nigel Dutson was Chair of the Trust from 2010 to 2013 so has sat in the hot seat and knows the difficult balancing act the current Board face. Gareth Leaman, meanwhile, wrote an excellent article dispassionately examining current debate - we'd recommend it as pre-pod reading if you get chance. Together, the trio seek to understand the principles at stake, considering along the way some excellent thoughts from listeners. We hope the discussion helps you make your own decision ahead of next week's ballot.

As always, you can contact the show via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with any questions or comments.

Re: 1912 Exiles podcast, Ep142: Decision time

Chris Davis wrote: September 19th, 2023, 10:12 am It's a well written article by Gareth Leaman, which I think tends to favour the Trust owned model. All the arguments he makes for it, I agree with myself and they are well articulated. He also points out the very clear and well known pitfalls of private ownership and indeed the 'hybrid' model. I would recommend that you read it
Agree Mr Leaman's article is well written article, worthy of reading, and am also personally in favour in principle of the Trust owned model. But I have to be realistic,and agree with what he says at the end 'come the decision time I'll will need to decide what do I think will be the greatest/lesser risk to the club, as there will be risks with whatever option is chosen'

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