Joe Day

Played for Yeovil today wearing a protective headgear.

When questioned as to why the Yeovil manager Mark Cooper revealed that Joe had been bitten by a SPIDER and got a really bad infection.
He also said he had been in Hospital for 4 days on a drip and they had to cut the infected area out.
Yeovil were really struggling to find a keeper for today's game but Joe put himself forward declaring himself fit enough to play. Yeovil beat Gateshead 3 -2 in the FA Cup.

Get well soon Joe and let's hope he has no after effects from the infection he got from the bite.

Re: Joe Day

Insect bites even horseflies etc can be very dangerous. I always tell people to watch the reaction carefully and get treatment quickly when the infection appears to “ track “ up the affected limb.
Joe appears to have had a nasty one , perhaps like me he doesn’t have very good circulation to the scalp area!😂 All the best Joe.

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