1912 Exiles, Ep176: Blown away at Barrow


It's another Ian Street match diary, but sadly without quite the same level of joie de vivre as last weekend. The "fifth Beatle" of the pod, Ollie, also makes an appearance - but neither of them find much to warm the soul from a frustrating and cold afternoon in Barrow.

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We've not had a full panel discussion for a while, and the plan is to do that next weekend to review the two Easter games and also pick up on other recent under-discussed moments - not least that 5-3 win against Morecambe! If you have any questions you'd like us to consider, get in touch via via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Thanks as always to Tinty & The Bucket Hats for letting us use Discoland as our theme, and thanks to all of you for listening.

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