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Torquay Exile wrote: December 10th, 2023, 9:06 pm
pembsexile wrote: December 10th, 2023, 8:43 am
neilcork68 wrote: December 9th, 2023, 11:31 pm Luckily I got a Kew Garden 50p in my change today...
Some poor unsuspecting person spent a coin worth £200 for a 50 p purchase.

That's 3 I have now..

I have 1 COMPLETE SET of 50p coins now and starting on my second
Well done Neil on getting the full set of 50p’s.

A word of warning about the Kew Gardens. Make sure it is the earlier version. Because of its resale value there are lots of fakes out there. I mean lots. There are things to look out for to make sure it is the real deal and some of the fakes are very good but they don’t have all the correct detail. It is mostly in the pagoda. If you are interested I can PM you. It’s too long winded for a reply on here. Hope you have the right one.
Here's a link for you. I hope it's helpful.
If you are having problems with the above link try this one instead.

Re: Calling all Numismatists

JonD wrote: December 12th, 2023, 6:55 am Pembs, this has to be the best thread on this entire board. It's a crying shame it will disappear when the board closes.
Thanks Jon, that is appreciated mate. The good news - one of the chaps on the other board is looking into whether we can transfer all the info’ from this board to that one (allthingscounty). I am not an expert but I don’t think it is a case of just cut and paste. Watch this space, fingers crossed.

On a different note - I have just noticed that this thread is 6 years old today (12 Dec). Happy birthday, Numismatic thread.👍

Re: Calling all Numismatists

Hi Phil. Some collectors do go for Gibraltar coins. However, a word of caution. They are not legal tender in the UK, however, they are used here. That said, the person on eBay is chancing their arm. There is no way at all that coin is worth the money suggested that people pay for it. If they get it, the person who paid has been fleeced. If you look closely, it is not even in fair condition for a 2019 coin. I wouldn’t touch it.

A bit of advice to all - please do not use eBay as a template to ascertain how much a coin is worth. You can ask for anything you like. I have seen some ridiculous offers on the coin page there. If you do use it, look for examples of how the same coin has been sold before. Please look carefully.

Re: Calling all Numismatists

For those of you that are interested in Annual coins sets (I am) 2024 has some good coins in it that I think will add to their collectible value. These are RNLI 50p - 200th anniversary
Olympic and Paralympic 50p - 100 yrs since they were last held in Paris
Sir Winston Churchill £2.00. 150 years since the anniversary of his birth
National gallery £2.00 - 200 year anniversary
Buckingham Palace £5 which I am not particularly interested in.

If you do decide to buy, the Royal Mint is probably your best bet but some some suppliers do sell them in different forms of packaging as well.

Re: Calling all Numismatists

It seems that there is increasing interest in the ‘coin meme’ market. Secondary prices are going up. Even Elon Musk is getting on the bandwagon. What seemed to be a light hearted comment he made has raised interest and prices.

My view - be careful if you do buy. If the industry regulators get involved it may have an adverse effect on prices. I don’t own any and have no intention of getting any.

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