County fans need to be aware that there are likely to be significant pre match protest action by rival groups of Crawley fans this afternoon. The protests are based on rival bids for the Club, which faces some financial difficulties. Rather like the situation earlier the season with the County, there are two substantial sets of bidders in the wings. Both have come forward with strong but radically different proposals. Again, with an uncanny parallel to another L2 Club, one of the bidders is an Hollywood franchise. One of the leading 'actors' in that consortium has Transylvanian heritage. The consortium specialises in the production of horror films. It is believed that the Hollywood set-up was first attracted to the Club because of it's unofficial nickname of 'Creepy Crawley'. Although , the Crawley fans realise that with the Hollywood money they may follow the same path as Wrexham, they are objecting to certain parts of the Hollywood bidders proposals. In particular, Thy are against the idea of changing the Club's official name to 'Crawley Horrors Inc.' the painting of their stadium black and the replacement of the Club's much loved badge with a new badge prominently featuring a coffin and two vultures.

The other bid could not be different. It appears that the owner of FGR, wishes to 'hedge his bets' against FGR being relegated from the EFL by obtaining another L2 Club. Rather like the the other bidders he wants to rename the Club. His proposal includes renaming the outfit as 'The Creepy Crawleys' and having all the kits made from recyclable plastic. He also plans to revolutionise catering at the Broadfield Stadium by replacing all the current food offerings with something far more environmentally friendly. To that end, he is proposing that a special edible type of grass that can be 'reharvested' from the pitch, can be used in some of the new menu items.

As you can imagine these rival bids have caused deep division and anger amongst the Crawley fans, who have split into rival camps. They see today's date and it being Easter Monday as a day when they can gain maximum publicity for their viewpoint. The Argus has reported, that the Gwent Police have been made aware of the possibilities of civil disorder in and around the ground this afternoon. The Argus reports that because of this there will be an increased police presence this afternoon. They urge County fans not to become involved because the police will take severe action against troublemakers, irrespective of where they come from.


Listen to them, children of the night ,what music they make.Yes,Bela has finally come back ,he did it in a few films but now,after 68 years in the crypt,he has come back to be chairman.He has developed a serum that will enable all players and fans to live forever and ever Bateman and,he has other plans to take over the world and make voodoo dolls to torture people he doesn’t like.He will construct a torture chamber in the basement of the ground,based on the design of Poe for players who under perform and he can turn into half man half wolf,gorilla by consuming a different serum.The whole project is named Plan 9 from outer space.

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