Crawley Town Match Report

Easily the worst performance of the season and such as shame given a decent crowd and vibe before the game.

Not sure how many will come back after that, but another side who used the RP surface effectively to outpass and outthink us.

See Match Report below on Medium:

Next up Grimsby Town away


Re: Crawley Town Match Report

Thanks Again Mark always read your posts and should leave more thank you's. Any way much appreciated.
On the whole I agree with your valid views. Sometimes you might be too generous with the points out of 10 for the bad performances because I think some players deserve well below 5 . I can understand the players who are thrown in the deep end and are out of their depth and we have a few of those but it is the players who show no fight, ambition or desire to run themselves into the ground for personal pride, the fans and they are playing for their futures.
There are so, so many non-league players who have the ability to play League football but they do not get that lucky break, don't know the right people or are just unlucky.
The players on the pitch yesterday do not know how lucky they are to be playing in League 2 and should appreciate that is many boy and girls dream to play professional football at this level.
I would have bitten someone's hand off to play for Newport County maybe it is the society we live in and we are spoilt and not hungry enough to reach our goals.
Sorry Mark have gone off on a tangent but I do get angry with the attitude of some players who could not give a damn if they do not perform and County lose.
It takes me until the next game to get over a defeat especially like yesterdays debacle.

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