Re: Can we have a jokes thread?

I went to watch a game of football at Wembley Stadium...

Finally I found my seat only to find out there was a skull on it..

"Excuse me mate, " I asked the guy sitting in the seat next to it, "Do you know anything about the skull?"

"Oh yes, that's the skull of William Shakespeare.. Its for sale for £100 if you want to buy it"

Being slightly the worse for wear under the influence of a lot of beer been consumed, I bought it.

Anyway several weeks later I was back in the Wembley area and went to a Boot Sale.
Walking around the Boot Sale I noticed the same guy trying to sell a much smaller skull on his stall...
"Oh you've got another skull for sale', I said to him,
" Who's skull is this and how much?, I asked

"It's William Shakespeare's and £100" He replied.

"You tried that with me at Wembley and I fell for it then ' I replied.

" Ah yes, but this is his skull when he was a child"was his response

I didn't buy it.

Re: Can we have a jokes thread?

Jurgen Klopp, Ralf Rangnick, Brendan Rodgers and Mikel Arteta walk into a pub

Jurgen bought them all a drink. Once they had finished, Rangnick got a round in. Then Arteta put his hand in his pocket. Then Brendan Rodgers got the beers in.

Once they'd all consumed 4 beers, Klopp went to the bar, bought a drink for himself only, and sat at the table. They all looked at him before Rangnick said "Excuse me Jurgen. What about us?"

Klopp looked at them and said, "Sorry lads. This is the fifth round and none of you are in it."

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