Re: Can we have a jokes thread?

amberandy wrote: June 14th, 2023, 5:23 am After last nights meeting,the new media and communications guy is a joke!!
Straight after the meeting Kelly was logged onto the forum. She didn't say or write anything. Perhaps she agreed with you. It did seem pretty poor that the zoom was so poor.
It may not have been his fault but as the new media manager I would have thought it would have been a priority to get it working correctly because as I understand J Pratt was online using it.
If he has any intension of investing in the club he surely couldn't have been impressed by it

It would be nice to hear why he has become involved in the club. Its been very quiet since he joined the BOD in whatever capacity..
Is he going to invest / get people to invest ?
Is his business knowledge going to pull us out of the situation we are in ?
Is he another Sherman? Came in with this , ' I want to get involved but the BOD wont get in contact with me ' posts all over Facebook. Whilst asking for the accounts to be available for him to view.

What are his intensions / plans ?

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