Re: Coronavirus - When will we get back to RP?

Blackandamber wrote:So we can now shop anywhere, stay in hotels, and soon we'll be able to go to pubs, cafes and cinemas etc but still we can't go to a County Championship cricket game where the attendance is usually only a few hundred and you can sit completely out in the open a long way from the nearest spectator. Covid science is very strange indeed.
Agreed it's pathetic apprantly your a 1000 times more safe out doors than in but they are sat indoors watching snooker you couldn't make this up

Re: Coronavirus - When will we get back to RP?

Despite being double jabbed I tested positive for Covid this week, fortunately my symptoms are no worse than a heavy cold, so far. I’m self isolating and completed the NHS Tracing form as requested - listing where I’d been and who I’d come into contact with in the days before I started feeling rough.

What is most surprising, and perhaps worrying, is that it seems 90% likely that I caught this virus outdoors, most likely on a football pitch ( I referee several grassroots games per week) as I hadn’t been to any shops, pubs, other indoor venues during the days beforehand. I live alone and hadn’t met up with anyone else during this period.

Perhaps a lesson for us all, even those who are vaccinated: it’s possible to get this virus in outdoor settings when you’re least expecting it. Thank heavens the vaccinations have most likely prevented me from getting seriously ill.

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