Re: Coronavirus - Elderly should avoid LARGE Crowds

Does any one believe crowds are likely to be admitted back to games before the end of this season?, or is it far too early to say?[/quote]

I think there’s a chance fans will be able to attend non-league play-off games this season if the clubs involved can do that safely.

Wholly disagree with the decision to continue the Euros this summer, it’s only being done for the money and corporate side yet sensibly corporate tickets to watch games should be cancelled.

Next season I’d like to see County fans attending home games in safe numbers and smaller clubs like ours taking over the online coverage of games so we keep all the income.

Once I’ve been vaccinated I would personally be happy to watch a County game if supporter numbers permitted are low and sensibly spread out.

Re: Coronavirus - Elderly should avoid LARGE Crowds

George Street-Bridge wrote: I need the handrail to get up the steps to my ST seat in the Bisley. Will a steward wipe it every time someone uses it? No, so obviously the prudent thing would be to sanitise your own hands before use to be public-spirited and after for your own safety. But can you enjoy a game in that situation?
Yes, but that will need to be done by everyone, everywhere. Not just at football.

The vaccine doesn't prevent you getting the virus. What it does is prevent the worst ravages of the virus should you become infected (at least for now it does, absent a waning vaccine-induced immunity or a virus mutation that evades the immunity engendered by the current vaccines).

What we don't know yet is whether those having completed the vaccination schedule and subsequently getting infected can shed the virus themselves in sufficient numbers to infect someone else easily.

And bear in mind only about 50% of the (just the UK) population will likely be vaccinated this year. That won't be enough to give herd immunity in the UK. And it's going to take about 5 or 6 years at least to vaccinate the whole world.

So "hands, space, face" will/should be with us in some form for the foreseeable.

We have personal control over the hands and face part of the mantra and will need to have that to the forefront of our minds going forward.

Re: Coronavirus - Elderly should avoid LARGE Crowds

I would agree that fans attending this season is looking increasingly unlikely. Clubs would quite rightly say that the decision on who is allowed in is not one for them to make. I had been thinking along the lines of those who have been vaccinated might be admitted, but that's not fair on the younger fans (probably have to say all the under 40s) who won't even have been offered a jab, let alone two, before the end of April.

Re: Coronavirus - Elderly should avoid LARGE Crowds

George Street-Bridge wrote:I'd say no chance. I think clubs will have to plan for substantially smaller crowds even when restrictions are lifted, people will have re-thought their lives.

If schools, where attendance is compulsory, can be made safe for staff and pupils, football grounds, where attendance is optional, should be a lot easier. So no. Football fans cannot be trusted as much as the average 7 year old after all :wink:

Re: Coronavirus - When will we get back to RP?

whoareya wrote:Be careful out there @madnorm - the variant South African Covid strain has been found around Woking and Guildford.

Get your test done asap.
Had my first jab G Live Guildford
Very well organised ,thorough,
We have a lot to be thankful for in our pleasant land and I have massive respect for the individuals professional and volunteers alike who made it such an easy relaxed experience

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