Question Newport County

Poll ended at October 14th, 2021, 12:17 pm You may select 1 option

should put out the best possible team;
Total votes: 22 (47%)
begin to put resources into the development of the club.?
Total votes: 22 (47%)
Or no opinion
Total votes: 3 (6%)
Total votes: 47

Re: Poll how should we move forward as a Club

Torquay Exile wrote:
UPTHEPORT wrote:Stan asked so here we go

I get the impression that you are hoping that Stan is wrong and you are always right. You sound a bit like someone I know. Who likes to control everything and everyone on this forum. But I'm sorry to have to tell you this is the people's forum.
You sound exactly like another poster on here who has a gripe with UTP.

Re: Poll how should we move forward as a Club

George Street-Bridge wrote:Yep, the usual shtick of offering two options on a complex issue, the third being that you have no opinion.

Even if it is reduced to two, pretty obviously any successful club will be balancing both.

We have made no progress in 25 years on improving the physical infrastructure of the club. That is a stadium over which we have some control and proper training facilities.

It's not an either or equation. Of course we have to put a competitive team on the field. The question is do we need to remember also to develop the facilities off the pitch.

My view is we should. The conflict is between those who believe we can't afford to develop the infrastructure and those who believe we can't afford not to.

Re: Poll how should we move forward as a Club

LG: The dream that died

When electronics firm LG announced in July 1996 that it was setting up a factory in Newport, it was hailed as the largest single inward investment ever seen in Europe.

The government was forced to deny that a grant to LG of £200 million - around £30,000 a job - was too generous.

The LG factory survived, but the promise of more than 6,000 jobs created was never realised.

Re: Poll how should we move forward as a Club

flat4 wrote:The club should be carrying out both Q1 and 2, so therefore this poll is totally meaningless in its present format.
You are correct.

I should have made it clear that it is not an either or question, of course my view is we need to do both. My view being we have the balance wrong. I sometimes forget that what is obvious to me may not be so obvious to others. Forgive my momentary lapse.

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