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Poll ended at October 14th, 2021, 12:17 pm You may select 1 option

should put out the best possible team;
Total votes: 22 (47%)
begin to put resources into the development of the club.?
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Or no opinion
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Total votes: 47

Re: Poll how should we move forward as a Club

And of course ancillary stuff for the pitch like fertiliser and conditioners, covers, security equipment, electronic scoreboards and advertising, cleaning and upkeep of the seating and facilities. Plus of course all the other stadium staff, ground upkeep and capital investment to improve it, bar stock etc etc So not a trivial amount. It’s ok if you’re non-league staffed by volunteers with a plastic pitch but a pitch like ours and with hospitality facilities etc doesn’t come cheap.

Re: Poll how should we move forward as a Club

Taunton Iron Cider wrote: November 9th, 2021, 5:01 pm The costs are only one side of the equation, there is the additional income generating opportunities to be considered. Items such as naming rights, concerts, and conferences. All revenue streams that other Clubs seem to capture, and of course ground sharing makes economic sense as well.
There are some advantages to renting, there are some to owning. Likewise disadvantages to both. What I don't think is ever a good idea is renting when the other user of the facility owns the property. Be that a home or a football stadium. And much as I usually agree with Highandwide, I don't really see any advantage in being able to up sticks at a moments notice if you're a football club. Although the good people of Newport Shropshire/Pembrokeshire/Isle of Wight might beg to differ. (Note how enlightened supporters can disagree with one another without falling into rancor. :grin:

However it's an interesting debate, and with nearly 9,000 hits clearly a topic on which the enlightened amongst see as a useful topic of conversation.

Re: Poll how should we move forward as a Club

George Street-Bridge wrote: November 10th, 2021, 9:41 am Discounting your typically cracked second para, pretty obviously the domestic landlord also has a choice of tenants which a stadium owner doesn't. Newport RFC having failed - without which we wouldn't have had a sniff of a share - County are the only conceivable sharer.
In this particular case the landlord does have a choice, and probably their preferred one of developing the site for housing.

Re: Poll how should we move forward as a Club

The point being Newport County don't have a choice. If the rugby decide we must go we are [email protected] If the rugby decide to charge a rent which is too high, we have no option but to pay it.

I only studied economics until the end of the first year of my first degree. However unless you can grasp that simple rule of economics then you're heading for an unclassified in GCSE.

Most of you will know the story of the inn keeper who hired out horses. He was the only person for miles around who did so. He charged premium rates for battered old nags. You either paid him what he wanted or you walked. The innkeeper's name was Hobson.

Hence Hobson' s choice.

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