You dont have to like me

But here's my bio

I've Been 'spud bashing' at farms around Newport, instead of going to school
Been a milk-boy for Strickland milk near Bettws lane
Carried two ******* bags of papers around the Posh houses on the posh side of Malpas, for Mac Williams. (Hated the Sunday Times, Observer and all the broadshits (SIC) ever since.)

Worked at the Green Grocer at the' New shops' in Malpas, cutting off the bits of Cauliflower that the miserable old git didn't want you to see. Pucked (pewked) washing mouldy oranges for same reason.

Nicked Black Jack's and fruit thingy's from the little shop at the 'Old shops' on Malpas Road.
Don't ask about the licensees recycling of slops into the IPA at Malpas Court Social Club.
Met a real live saint, before she died, Mother Theresa.
Pooed my pants at my first day of school at st Mary's Catholic School.
Walked from Newport to Chepstow to raise funds for the County, to be ignored by all the club, bar John Relish.
Still waiting to hear if I've been successful in my application for the Commercial Managers post that went to I believe a later convicted felon. Smith? rings a bell
Pulled out of a 24 hour sponsored walk 2 hours before the start because the club raised 20 fxcking pounds in sponsorship.
Was the first person to stand up at Lysghts and say " Not two miles from here Newport County was started by 12 men at a pub near SP, cant' remember the name. The rest is history and foggy.

Walked from Malpas to Somerton park because I couldn't afford the bus fare.

As a big boy.

Overseen a spend of over 3 billion AUS dollars, in media spend, overhead spend, company creation, business turnaround. Been a poofter with the balls, literally, to be involved in the startup of the UK's first Gay Men's football Team.
Managed over 20,000 people, either directly or indirectly
Been to Harvard Business School 3 times.
Traveled to Newport for board meetings of Nerwport AFC, but didn't tell my family because I was ashamed of being gay as Iived with my then partner in Slough (Sluff) as we nicknamed it.

Brought the late John Williams nephew to games and hid my sexuality from them both for fear of being accused of being a kiddy fiddler.

Sold Lottery tickets at home and away games, worked with other directors unpaid, to entertain vising directors. Missed large parts of the games because of the above.

Managed annual advertising budgets bigger than the total of County's turnover since it started in 1989. And more!

Caught a plane from Sydney to London arriving at Wembley at 9am in the morning and flying back to Sydney on the 10pm flight the same day for a Tuesday am board meeting, the year of our return to the league.

Scored on and off the pitch at the Gay Games in New York, my on Pitch score being shown on screen at the Yankee Stadium in the Brox.

But ome of you still think I'm full of bullshit! (No egotistical dickheads have been harmed in the making of this liturgy)

On the other hand if you'd appreciate 32 years of experience of one of the World's most experienced Direct Marketers. (I was sent to Australia by the Chair of the United States Direct Marketing Association) and turned around a 10m AUD profit improvement in 24 months.

Or a sad old Barrister, or do I mean Barista?

Make a choice.

Kisses and cuddles.


Re: You dont have to like me

UPTHEPORT wrote:Colin you keep mentioning your past we've all got one
You're so correct, but I'm trying to help the City. Many accuse Mr Matthews (?) of not doing so, I'm accused of being unable to do so!

Choose your best option. Matthews! God's gift to the planet, Einstein, I mean the real Einstein, just to clarify, as I don't want their to be any confusion, with any other Einstein.

Or a proven supporter of all things Newport? Feel free to join, add value, or denigrate.....

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