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jonescmj1 wrote:
UPTHEPORT wrote:Because he has no interests but Golf ?

My wife knew him he used to go into wildings every year with his mother for Christmas he'd always ask for discount as well :roll:

He's got no interest at all in football so Colin you'll have to do better than that to make us feel guilty

And why do you always make an issue of your sexualitie and how poor you where

Colin we all love our club I guess I haven't got the money to give them but I'm trying with the lottery
With respect! I was accused of trying to promote my businesses! Why the **** would I do that when you are all in the UK? And our businesses are in Australia! How much unwanted benefit, could I get in OZ from promoting our businesses in the UK.

We ( My husband and me) are in Oz, and have enough money to live three lives over and die debt free! My partner has ZERO interest in Newport County, I have Zero interest in New Mills FC which is where he comes from and amongst us Newport County Fans a New Mills resident, other than Andy lives amongst us.

I want an NDA between me and interested parties, because, surprise, surprise, there are human beings amongst u that would copy ideas published in the public domain and rip you/us off. Can I mention the crooks that stole the funds from (I believe) the Newport AFC supporters club!

Get off your paranoid, suspicious fxcking high ground and welcome, with open arms action, not lawyers (allegedly) offers of spurious un-commited offers of a Thousand Pounds.

That was the emotional response, I'll do the unemotional in the am, my time. Former sponsored walker, former director, proven achiever, frustrated, potential contributor, optimist frustrated by soothsayers and barristers ( Apologies for the typo, m.t. em-barristers). As to why I bring up being gay, it was the reason I resigned from my position as a founder member of the initial B.O.D and I have no dependent fxckers to leave a legal too!
Colin I was responding to your dig at county fans with your statement about a certain billionaire

And why you have to tell us that you're a homosexual constantly
Answered elsewhere! And as a straight man ( Or potentially closet queen, bisexual, grey, transexual, intersex, queer, interplanetary traveller) I wouldn't expect you to understand. But some of our LGBTQI supporters might.

I just want to use my knowledge, skills and experience to help the City of Newport have a greater profile and economy than it has. But I'm losing the will to live. And at some point will say, "**** it" time to move on. Hello Brisbane Broncos!

Re: Do we have the skills and Knowledge?

lowandhard wrote:
Blackandamber wrote:Have the above given their permission for the names and work experience to be published on an open forum?
I tend to agree but more pertinently there are many more of us on that site that he could have added to the list - but to what end? In any case, it’s not only professional people like me who may or may not be useful to football clubs, I’m sure a few tradesmen might be even more useful.
I thought I'd added everybody on the group if I missed you, please accept my apologies and PM me so that I can add you, with YOUR PERMISSION.

Re: Do we have the skills and Knowledge?

pembsexile wrote:
Jack wrote:No cynicysm here, just simple and straight forward questions to salve my curiosities and confusion.
What is this all about?

I'm not sure you're aware of how muddy and unclear this is to passers-by, I honestly haven't got a clue what you're talking about.

No amount of reading the tedium of LinkedIn lists and personal biographies answers any questions either...
I thought I understood this. I’m not so sure now. My understanding is (apologies if I’m wrong) - Colin wants to replicate his business here but needs someone associated with the County to run it. He needs an NDA signed for confidentiality. That, in a nutshell, I think.

Halle, fxcking lullia!

Re: Do we have the skills and Knowledge?

Jack wrote:
jonescmj1 wrote:
Jack wrote:So this is simply an effort to sell your business to the club and you've enlisted a team of volunteers on LinkedIn to run a UK based version?

Am I getting this right?

You need non disclosure agreements to cover your arse on what exactly?
Jack as an administrator you should encourage discussion and scrutiny, not take a negative position.
Truthfully I regret ever posting here because it leaves me wide open for people to accuse me of bias but you are flooding the forums with this as of late to the point of distraction and I want to get to the bottom of it.

For the third time; what are you getting at? What's this all about?

I'm not too enthused about the prospect of you using this website to bolster your attempt to sell a business if that's what this is. Our rules prohibit overt advertising...
The business is all but sold sold! my skills and knowledge are not! F.F.S!

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