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I would be more than happy to contribute as much as I can, obviously limited to ecomms. In terms of presenting a strategic plan, one of the best methodologies, especially for ensuring clarity in the process of cascading the strategies is, in my opinion, the 'Ho Shin' method. Please convey my best wishes to all of the BOD.

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Instead of infighting I suggest that we form a working party, working in conjunction with the BOD to develop a strategic planning process and strategic plan, including but not limited to:

Setting a new vision for the club. e.g. To be the football club of choice.

Setting a new Mission Statement for the club. e.g. A place in the Championship by 2022

Ensuring an ongoing playing facility for Newport County – Own our own ground, or work with others on a tailored, multisport facility.

To have the best Academy in our division, whichever division we are in.

To develop a finance strategy that ensures that Newport County never have to beg for money.

To improving accessibility for disabled and senior citizens to Newport County's games.

To make Newport a Black and Amber City.

To nurture a ‘Liverpool style’ of continuity of culture.

To create a culture of co-operation and inclusion of supporters, business, former players and staff and the passive supporters in the city.

I'll start the ball rolling with a few ideas of my own.

Dynamic pricing of admission fees. The club sets a maximum entry fee of say 15 pounds, assuming a gate of 2800 = 42k. If the gate hits 3000, the price drops to say 14.50, 3500 = 13.00 etc.

Sponsorship reduced entrance fees. Todays, 2.00 price reduction is sponsored by xxxxxxxx

Legacies Marketing - Newport County are in my will. To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever left a financial legacy to Newport County.

Reduced program pricing sponsorship. ‘Free’ programs sponsored, (Once initial print runs are covered, incremental print costs are relatively low.

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Sadly the lack of stickiness of this post compared to others, generally negative, is in itself very telling. Once again, I would like to try and help move the club forward, however living remotely would need to do so via e-comms, however, what I can bring to the table, but preferably supported with the skills of others, are the following:

Leadership,direct-marketing, fundraising, innovation, business process reengineering, business turnaround, financial acumen.

Knowledge and skills that would be highly complimentary from others, would be; IT, photoshop, creative design, HR, PR, networking, branding implementation, diplomacy and negotiation, costing and evaluation, building knowledge.

With these skills, we could work on a strategic plan remotely, via a conduit to the board, develop a branding portfolio, develop a fully integrated PR comms network, build a dynamic pricing model that optimises gate revenues, develop fundraising strategies and plans to support the Academy(ies), work on plans for a better playing facility than we currently can afford potentially with the same or a different partner et al.

Alternatively, we can spend our time on here stirring a cauldron.

There are two principal types in this world, Builders and Blockers, which one are you?

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This is not County related specifically, but there are lots of unique things about the book. For anyone wanting to change the way they think, this book is well worth the cost. The cost is..... 'Whatever you're prepared to pay'.

Let's start the day with a couple of thoughts, translating into potential solutions.

One of the worst things, for me, about being a member of the BOD of Newport County was, missing anything up to 60% of the game, on Director's duties, which in the day could be anything from working on turnstiles to counting gate receipts, to helping with the forking of the pitch etc.

The Newport County Shop is staffed by paid staff, potentially we could make more money if the staff were volunteers, the most motivated volunteers probably want to watch the game, the same thing probably can be said of the Rugby. How could things work if County fans volunteered to work selling Rugby merchandise at Rugby games and vice versa? The shop is not always open when fans want to buy merchandise, so how about the shop became a study area for one or two students, that received a free ticket/tickets to a game for each day volunteered. They get access to a relatively undisturbed study area we get extra profits.

Second idea. Need someone with IT nous here, Let's call the idea Red, Amber Green! I can't paint my front door - Red! I can paint doors (I can't afford the commitment to volunteer at the same time each week.) Amber! I paint your door - the club gets $20 Green!

You want a resume, Red! I can write resume's Amber! I write your resume, the club gets $100, Green!


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