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pembsexile wrote: November 24th, 2021, 1:07 pm Got a casserole cooking in it right now. Put in this morning, will be ready when we get home.

Mrs P did a nice curry in it last week as well.

Not sure why but currys never seem as nice in slow cooker

Going to try a joint of meat people tell me it's very nice

Re: Slow cooker

Arghh. STEW.!!
As me dear ol' Mum used to use... PEARL BARLEY... Absolutely makes a stew. Wonderful texture.
In my local Waitrose they have the usual selection of dry aged beef cuts etc.... Now and then they sell offcuts of said meats at silly money... £3-50 KG. eg..trim off fat and make stew as normal..... Guaranteed the best you'll ever make...... With a couple of homemade dumplings of course!!!

Re: Slow cooker

Brown some chicken thighs in a pan with some seasoning and maybe some tarragon. Add to the slow cooker along with half a can of cider and a third of a pint of chicken stock. Then, using the same pan, fry some bacon / pancetta / lardons along with a sliced leek and a sliced apple, then add to the slow cooker and leave for a couple of hours. Thicken the sauce with some cornflour towards the end if you want to. Serve with some roast potatoes and some green veg. Absolute treat.

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