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I am absolutely sure that there are Chelsea fans who care that Abrahamovitch needs someone to pay their wages. I’m not one of them. They are more than capable of sorting themselves out as a club. Neither do I particularly care about Cardiff. It’s about the County.

We have a future in Newport. Long may it be so. No one wants to go back to Gloucestershire.

I just hope that as you say, Rowberry knows the issues. I will support what he is doing and pray that he gets it right. I am not overconfident in this, just sincerely hoping that he gets it right otherwise the club is in the doo do. We are definitely in relegation form at the moment. From second to eleventh in seven weeks. Irrespective of who we beat, that is poor, poor form. I hope he has good scouting contacts.

Re: Regional Rugby in Wales - Cutting Four Teams to Three

Its true worth is probably £7m+ in a housing capacity

Only if they get planning permission (!) which I can't see granted in an already high density parking/traffic problem area - might go for a 'leisure' project or an expansion of the primary school but think even Newport council would see the sense in retaining a sports stadium in central Newport whether the 'Dragons' remained or otherwise.

Both housing and other use doubtful in times of economic downturn anyway - hardly a prime opportunity right now and financing any project will cost more due to interest rate rises, etc.

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Bangitintrnet wrote: May 10th, 2022, 9:35 am I am glad that you accept that we have a future in Newport, and are not Fecked even if we go down.
Why would you think any differently about our future in Newport? The clue is in the name - Newport County AFC. Why would anyone want to go to Gloucestershire, Cardiff, FGR or anywhere else when we can have a future here? Next season could be pivotal, one of the most important in our recent history. I pray it goes well.

Regarding going down, I said ‘……hoping that he gets it right, otherwise the club is in the doo do’. We could be in a prolonged struggle if we go down to the National league. I explained all my thought on what this implies on an earlier post. I do not want us to go there.

Re: Regional Rugby in Wales - Cutting Four Teams to Three

George Street-Bridge wrote: May 11th, 2022, 7:56 am Yes, he was on Wales Today at 6.30. David Moffett, whose bright idea to create five regions lasted only a year before they were culled to four. I didn't know anything about his career, but his Wiki entry suggests he isn't well placed to knock "journeyman" players.
I thought his total inability to take any responsibility for ruining the club game in Wales showed extraordinary arrogance. The regional system works in Ireland simply because Ireland consists of four provinces. A rugby lover in Leitrim has a loyalty to Connacht and will travel 100 miles to support their province in Galway. The idea that anyone in Pontypool would travel 10 miles to support a home side playing in Newport is for the birds.

Sadly for Newport County it doesn't alter the fact that regional rugby in Wales can't work and that fact alone poses a very real danger to our football club.

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Bangitintrnet wrote: May 11th, 2022, 11:55 am Most forum's have dinosaurs, only ours has dinosaurs that worry about an asteroid returning.
In 2018 the National Aeronautics and Space Administration at a cost of many millios of US dollars launched an space telescope to watch for dangerous near earth objects. In September this year Nasa will crash a probe into one of these objects again at a cost of many millions of dollars. NASA are doing this because not much point in knowing a city, country or earth destroying object is about to slam into you if there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Dinosaurs don't worry about anything. They are all dead.

Re: Regional Rugby in Wales - Cutting Four Teams to Three

This ceaseless tinkering is the ruin of rugby in all sorts of ways, both with the laws of the game - who can tell what half the penalties are given for, when so many games are decided on penalties? - and in the structures. There's something on Wales Online about a plan to restructure internationals worldwide which I've read and re-read and still can't follow.

Meanwhile, Wales haven't beaten the All Blacks since before the Queen's coronation and there were 10,000 empty seats for a recent Six Nations game.

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