Good luck Arbroath!

Play off semifinal with Inverness Tuesday/Friday second leg free to air on bbc Scotland channel cmon you litchies! Only part time team in premiership (potentially) amazing story and character of a manager called dick Campbell albeit I’m a Celtic fan

[edit] Celtic have pretty much won title but painful how bad they are in Europe and that rangers doing so well

Re: Good luck Arbroath!

Stan A. Einstein wrote: May 7th, 2022, 4:10 pm Agree about Arbroath.

As for Celtic and Rangers it suits both clubs financially to turn a blind eye on secterian bigotry. A plague on both their houses.
We’ll I’m a Protestant Bhoy and suspect they have many non catholic fans so I don’t give a fig about that rubbish to be honest although I don’t like rangers one bit, I do know that the old firm are well amongst the biggest clubs in the world albeit not financially

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