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rodneyboy wrote: May 11th, 2022, 10:15 am Has anybody heard when the new season ticket prices are to be announces. I would have thought that the club would be anxious to get some funds in.
The club do seem to be among the slowest in the EFL to get this sorted - especially with cost of living going up people may be more inclined to buy now than even in a months time - it will certainly be a harder decision for many to commit to - and once again club should NOT simply default to a price increase - lets some info out there!

...for example Tranmere had their’ s on stream well before the end of April - ... son-Cards/ our will be lucky to be out by the end of June!

Re: Season Tickets.

C'mon board give us an update! People are already making financial plans for the coming 'winter of discontent' and if you hold out for much longer they may have already made the decision that its a 'no' on a season ticket - while the sun is shining and people still have the afterglow of what was overall a good season it needs to be jumped on - confirm the prices and start the process! Many/most other clubs have done others have said on other issues there does seem to be a lack of communication on this and other matters

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excessbee wrote: May 18th, 2022, 9:46 am From the latest News on the club website....


The month will cover a raft of subjects......... launch of season tickets for 22/23;..........
Well fair enough but still feel June for season ticket and home kit launch is pushing tardy - maybe I'm being unfair esp given we are a 'professional club run by amateurs' (which is what a trust run club is and is not intended as a criticism) and despite our delusions of grandeur we are among the smaller clubs in the division (albeit with far more potential than many given our catchment area and obvious appetite as shown by FA cup /Wembley crowds) - like most football fans of clubs with no play off/cup involvement I'm hungry for some/any 'action' or news!

...and 'June' knowing us could be Thursday the 30th! :grin:

Re: Season Tickets.

lowandhard wrote: May 19th, 2022, 11:17 pm
Really pleased, this should solve exiles ticketing problems hopefully. Digital is the way to go.
Let’s not overlook the fact that Ticketmaster do not provide these services for free, and their cost will add to the price of tickets at a time when people are feeling a financial squeeze.

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