1912 Exiles podcast, episode #85: Dead rubber


A short episode, where Ian (plus a bit of Jamie and Rhys) discuss the final match of the season against Rochdale. We'll be back soon with an EXTENDED end-of-season special edition with the full panel - leave a reply below with any questions, thoughts or suggestions, or drop us a line via Twitter or Facebook. You can also donate the price of a coffee to help with our running costs.

Music: Virgo by Sean T.

Re: 1912 Exiles podcast, episode #85: Dead rubber

Thanks mate. The opposition preview episodes are always good, but can be a pain in the a**e to organise! It's getting easier though, now we're building up a contact book of potential interviewees...

We're hoping to have a proper end-of-season post-mortem, so if anyone has suggestions for topics we might cover, or questions they'd like to pose to us, feel free to add them below and I'll make sure they're on the running order somewhere!

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