Rob Edwards of FGR

I know it's not County but still football.

Rob has been confirmed as the new head coach of Watford according to the FGR site.

Their fans are not to happy about the way this has been handled and kept in the dark.

Do you think that QPR may go for JR and give a young coach a go as well.

Re: Rob Edwards of FGR

George Street-Bridge wrote: May 12th, 2022, 8:29 am My guess is "Rowberry for QPR" was only ever floated as a p1ss-take after the rumour about Livermore trialling there.
I hope you’re right GSB, as I’ve committed to baring my backside in Burton’s shop window if JR is spotted in a QPR tracksuit. My get out would be that Burtons don’t have shops any more but I think it’s best for the mental well-being of the good people on this forum if I’m not put in the position of having to take this action. JR to FGR might be a possibility though, but I’ve heard they may be more interested in Michael Appleton.

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