Good luck to NEWPORT [PAGNELL] in FA vase

In final of FA vase 22nd May - at least one Newport team at Wembley this season! Lets hope its a Newport win and Wrexham loss on 'non league finals day' - which is a good initiative as it packs out Wembley and makes more sense to do a 2 for 1 (imagine if Wrexham win the national league and the FA trophy :pale: think I'll be sick - the offices of BBC Wales will be covered in a sticky and unmentionable liquid produced by over excited [male] sports journalists eurgh!)

[edit] having taken a quick look at their website - Newport Pagnell seems like a proper community club - the United Counties league has a lot of these solid community clubs in areas of fairly big population with a lot of market towns and suburbs of bigger towns/cities represented - a solid league

Re: Good luck to NEWPORT [PAGNELL] in FA vase

Madhatter wrote: May 22nd, 2022, 9:48 pm Went to the game today. Thoroughly enjoyed the game as a biased neutral.
Considering they were both step 9 teams thought both teams did non-league football proud.
And means a lot more to teams at that level - without patronising or resorting to clichés fair to say players at that level are vanishingly unlikely to play at Wembley before or after their appearance yesterday (whereas national league players in the Trophy likely would move around enough to somehow end up at Wembley at some point again) - I hope all involved of both teams thoroughly wrung everything out of their day - reminds me a little of our first trip to Wembley for the FA trophy final sitting next to my dad - like a dream and never would have expected either the number of subsequent trips nor even being in the football league proper...certainly for a first time trip as a fan of a smaller/unglamorous club there is something magical about Wembley (thereafter it gets a little boring!)

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