Re: An open letter to the chair of Newport County.

You are the exception to the rule on here, and we all know why. What is less obvious is why you resent people who choose not to reveal their identity, simply because they do. I have no idea if Phil Tanner gives his consent to you naming him, or where Phil lives, works or votes, and that means I have no preconceptions when reading his views.
I also have no idea if Phil has a brother, but know its not me. If he does if he works in any capacity for the club. Nor do I know who everyone else is, including Torquay Exile who you seem to think is me. Likewise you seem to think that I am Phil Tanners twin and that I work for the club trying to silence you. You also assume that you have the right to call people liar's as if it is normal behaviour. Again you are unique in this regard, and I would point to your ex proffesion as a reason.
I don't bite personally, as I accept that you can't cope with challange to your assumptions, and accept that it comes with the territory. If someone challange then they must be....... Etc etc.
You are wrong though Stanley, and the more you cling to the belief, the less people will be impressed with your proffesion, and the more likely it is that they will challenge themselves.

I still think your writing on this forum is reminiscent of a fighter, with flailing arms, desperately trying to grasp at anything to fight back with. That is what a professional could look at and assist you with. After all it would only require a phone call..............

Re: An open letter to the chair of Newport County.

Bangitintrnet wrote: June 14th, 2022, 1:44 pm Seems like you have missed a bit out Stanley, quite telling.

As I keep saying, ignore, divert, attack. Every single time, particularly to ignore a question asked directly to you.

I ask you hundreds, you would think that that is a starting point for a discussion. Someone else has asked you a question today, have you used it to start discussion?
I think you'll find when Mad Norm asked about the fayre-ground he was joking. We do that sometimes. Have a smile and a joke. You should try it sometime.

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