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Zanzala played twenty games in the second half of the season for a side that just got promoted, and a few Exeter fans on social media are hoping they offer him a contract, so he must be doing something right.

Anyway, the club just quickly deleted an interview with JR in which ‘Zanzala’ was apparently written on the board behind him, so you’d think it was inevitable, or at least very likely at this point.

Re: Signings?

A few comments on Zanzala from the Barrow forum:-

‘Jeez. Sounds like the black and gold will be swopping pure gold for fools gold so it does.’ [Telford being the pure version]

‘FWIW you'll really struggle to find an Exeter fan that says he has an attitude problem. His problem for us was finding the back of the net, but he was a handful for League Two defences. I imagine he'd have been at St James Park this season if we hadn't gone up.’ [Comment from an Exeter fan on the Barrow forum]

‘If you are the sort of manager that really rates yourself, you look at him and tell yourself that you can change him and get the best out of him. That’s why he attracts so many reasonably decent clubs and gets so many chances.

In reality he should drop down a league and build a reputation in the NL. That will only happen though at this rate if he keeps bombing out in L2.’

Sounds a bit like Ade Azeez to me.

Re: Signings?

Good to see a photograph of a player signing the A4 sheet of paper.
I moaned sometime ago that the photos of a player signing the contract seem to have gone out of fashion.
Only missing Cyril standing over his shoulder with a handled beer mug in his hand.
Welcome Mr. Zanala.

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