FGR friendly

I see we are playing at FGR as our final friendly. I know some fans will go to every available match, but if ever there was a game to stay away from, surely this is the one. No doubt they will make us welcome to spend money in their clubhouse unlike they normally do. It would be great to see as close to zero fans going to this one. On their forum, one plank suggests as they are the higher ranked team, the game should be played at Newport.

Re: FGR friendly

I wonder who will get the long term injury that puts them out for many months from either pre-season training or one of the friendly games.
We usually have one; CBR out for a few months last season, Courteny Senior all season, David Long King and Azaz in previous seasons to name a few.
Hopefully no one.

Re: FGR friendly

Not sure why there is such a dislike of FGR.There are just a local rival to me.I don’t buy burgers or chips at games so it doesn’t bother me but,I do feel he should give fans a choice of meat burgers or pies rather than force veggies on fans.He is losing revenue because of it but,if he wants to make a stand and lose in his pocket then that’s up to him.

Re: FGR friendly

I took the wife to our 2-0 defeat there a few months back. What an awful experience. It wasn't just our defeat, the whole place is a souless dump. When money was tight and we had very little food in the house I retorted to eating my Ecotricity bill but that tasted bloody awful too.

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