1912 Exiles Podcast #89: New season, new faces


The 2022/23 football season is very nearly upon us (no, really). Rhys, Ed, Ian and Jamie get together to discuss the opening day trip to Sutton, to figure out whether James Rowberry wants to play Total Football, and to take their best guess at where a final loan signing might fit in. As is tradition, Ian also leads the way with bold predictions and Ed makes the case for killing off a beloved character... We also hear from Mike at Sutton United Talk Time to get the opposition view.

We'll be back with an “Ian Street on the southern beat” report next weekend, also featuring Jamie, as well as with a look ahead to the Walsall game.

As always, you can contact us via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with any suggestions for topics to discuss or questions for the panel. You can also chip in towards our running costs if you can share the price of a coffee.

Music: Virgo by Sean T.

Re: 1912 Exiles Podcast #89: New season, new faces

Thanks Ed for the shout out appreciate that ☺️

Enjoyed the podcast some points I'd like to raise
1 wow! Ian is far to positive to be a true County fan 😂 but I'm with him 😃

2 Not sure who it was on about loan signings say they come here for a season but after that we don't get anything sorry what about say Darlow he saved us from going back to Connie south we had the likes of White here helped us in massive cup runs so we do get to benefit
3 agree about Spytty the Dog perhaps it's time for Rodney the Rat 🤔

4 please stop saying fizzy midfield I find it annoying 😂
5 You had the Sutton fan on why not have a brief chat with the oppo after a game to hear views on our performance and we can give our feedback on them

Anyway as I said good listening thanks

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